Ultra HP Glass

Triple-paned Insulating Glass

The triple-paned insulating glass unit features three panes of double strength glass that create two separate air spaces for increased resistance to temperature transfer.

Krypton Gas

Odorless, colorless, non-toxic gas that is heavier and more dense than air — thereby lowering convection rates and increasing energy efficiency.

Optimum Air Space

The air space inside the insulating glass unit is the optimum size for maximum efficiency.

Dual Super Spacer® System

Pre-desiccated structural foam spacers separate each pane of glass, reducing conduction and helping to maintain more even indoor temperatures.

Style Availability

Size limitations do apply.

Dual Low Emissivity Coatings
(Low E Glass Doubled)

Doubling the protection, a low emissivity coating is applied to two glass surfaces. Low e glass helps maintain even temperatures inside the home in all climate conditions. In winter and colder climates, Low E helps retain heated air inside the home. In summer and warmer climates, Low E helps keep warm air outside and cool, air conditioned air inside the home.

Super Spacer®

With traditional box metal spacer systems, when the glass expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations, it can damage or completely break the seal inside the glass unit, leading to drafts and complete window failure. But because Super Spacer® is made of flexible foam, as the glass expands and contracts, the spacer flexes and the air-tight seal remains intact. In addition, the foam is far less conductive than metal and thereby reduces temperature transference dramatically.

Traditional Box Spacers can damage the glass when expanding or contracting of the glass occurs.
The flexible foam Super Spacer® expands and contracts with the glass, keeping the seal intact.