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Nothing comes close to the energy performance of our new glass package – Ultra High Performance Glass.


Triple-paned I.G. UnitAt Wincore®, we’re proud to know that our windows and doors represent some of the best thinking in the industry. Especially when it comes to energy efficiency. To give you a better idea of the efficiency features we design into our UltraHP glass package, key components have been outlined below.

Triple-paned I.G. Unit - Insulating I.G. unit features three panes of glass with an airtight seal.

Insulating Gas Fill - Air spaces between the glass panes is replaced with non-toxic gas that is heavier and more dense than air – thereby lowering convection rates and increasing energy efficiency.

Optimum Air Space - The air space inside the insulating glass unit is the optimum size for maximum efficiency.

DOE Compatibility - Meets Department of Energy High Performance Energy Standards with an operating window U-factor of .22 and non-operating window U-factor of .20. For more information, visit

U-Values & R-ValuesDual Low Emissivity Coatings (Low E Glass Doubled)
Low E glass is glass that has thin, transparent layers of metal oxide applied to the surface. This coating allows light to pass through, while reflecting heat rays and harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Because the Low E coating helps to control the heat transfer through a window or door, it lowers U-factor ratings and increases R-value ratings. Having windows and doors with Low E glass helps to keep your home more comfortable year round by helping to keep cool, air-conditioned air inside during warmer months and heated air inside during colder months. With the Dual Low E coatings, there is double the protection because it has been applied to two glass surfaces.

U-Values & R-ValuesIntercept® Spacer System
The uniquely designed U-channel spacer system adds to energy performance by helping to reduce temperature transference between the two panes of glass inside the insulating glass unit. With conventional box spacers, U-Values & R-Valuestemperature transference can occur through a direct path across the top of the spacer. This is known as conduction. Because the U-channel design eliminates this direct path and forces the transfer current down and around the spacer, the current is weakened because of the additional distance it has to travel.


7700 Product Styles Available with UltraHP Glass


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