Patio Doors

SLIDING PATIO DOORS Form and function combine in Wincore® Patio Doors. Not only do they open up living spaces in your home, they also perform like no other. Durable vinyl profiles coupled with advanced energy efficiency translate into high-performance in all climate seasons in all areas of the country. Operating with finger-tip ease, Wincore Patio [...]


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Double Hung

DOUBLE HUNG By far the most popular window style in most regions in the country, the Double Hung window features two sash that move vertically up and down. Both sash tilt in for easy cleaning and a dependable stainless steel balance system ensure easy, smooth sash movement. 7700 SERIES5400 SERIES500 SERIES400 SERIES8800 SERIES8400 SERIES7700 SERIES [...]


GEOMETRIC WINDOW Geometric windows are stationary windows, with no operating sash. Geometric shapes are often used as accents, or as part of a larger window grouping. Multiple shapes and styles are available and each can be a custom size. 7700 SERIES5400 SERIES500 SERIES400 SERIES8800 SERIES8400 SERIES7700 SERIES 7700 SERIES GEOMETRIC SHAPES Standard Features Shape windows for [...]


PICTURE WINDOW Picture windows are stationary and do not have any moveable sash panels. Picture windows are often used in combination with other window styles to create a specific window configuration. Picture windows are square or rectangle in shape. 7700 SERIES5400 SERIES500 SERIES400 SERIES8800 SERIES8400 SERIES7700 SERIES 7700 SERIES PICTURE WINDOW Standard Features Non-operating replacement [...]


CASEMENT / AWNING Casement window sash are hinged on either the right or left and features a crank handle that is turned to open and close the window. When opened to their fullest, Casement windows provide the most ventilation of any window style. Casement windows open to the outside of the home, with the screens [...]