DESIGNED FOR IMPACT. When it comes to impact-resistant windows and doors for coastal areas, the frame system, laminated glass and sealant must work together to resist the catastrophic forces applied during severe weather. FEATURESDOUBLE HUNGDOUBLE SLIDERCASEMENTPICTUREGEOMETRICFEATURES Impact Window Features Key Features Heavy Duty 3 ¼" Frame Strategically Reinforced Vinyl Extrusions Strong Thick-walled Vinyl Profiles Precision-mitered, Fusion-welded [...]

Double Hung

DOUBLE HUNG By far the most popular window style in most regions in the country, the Double Hung window features two sash that move vertically up and down. Both sash tilt in for easy cleaning and a dependable stainless steel balance system ensure easy, smooth sash movement. 7700 SERIES5400 SERIES500 SERIES400 SERIES8800 SERIES8400 SERIES7700 SERIES [...]